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Recap: The favorite. Overwatch Razer Series Germany Week 8 28-11-2017

Recap: The favorite. Overwatch Razer Series Germany Week 8

Going in to the eighth week of the Overwatch Razer Series Germany, there was some palpable hype in the air for the single most important matchup in the league up to this point. Besides two other series, the fans were ready to finally see the showdown between Final Gaming and Germanys Biggest Fear, the two most dominant teams in the entire season.

On Sunday evening, at prime time, fans, spectators as well as players from other contenders gathered around their screens to tune in to the broadcast and see which team is able to take home the possibly league deciding games. Both teams were sitting at only a single lost map point in eight and nine series respectively. Final Gaming, having played one more series was occupying the first spot on the table and thus could have been argued to be the favorite before the games, but fans were expecting a nail biter in any case.

Starting off on Oasis, Germanys Biggest Fear were determined to quickly turn the notion of who is the favorite around in their favor, as they shut down Final Gaming’s offense completely and took the map in a clean 2-0. Following up on Dorado, their defense still showed no holes at any point with FG having trouble advancing in a meaningful push. While Final Gaming was playing a determined defense themselves, GBF was able to get the first point and again take the map cleanly.

Horizon Lunar Colony wrote a similar story, as Final Gaming was simply unable to make any progress on Germanys Biggest Fear this evening. Again a close 1-0 gave GBF the map point and already a series win, which was so important given the situation on the table. Furthermore a clean 4-0 sweep was still possible, which would solidify their claim to the title in a way that leaves little room for doubt or hope for other teams. In a breathtakingly close game on Hollywood, the team that was feared by many before the league even started was able to finally take down their most threatening opponents, win the series 4-0 and take over first place on the table.

Further down the table, Team Tranquility was able to net their first win against Dynasty Dragons and set themselves apart from their opponent in the rankings. Uludag Gaming was also able to beat mYinsanity and firmly place themselves in the upper middle field, while mYi falls behind Team Tranquility to seventh place. In a commanding position, Germanys Biggest Fear now has to fear a heroic performance of noXonic next weekend on their way to the trophy. Currently in fourth place, the team is not to be underestimated and could be the last hope for Final Gaming. Tune in on twitch when the teams meet on December 2nd and check out some of the highlights from previous games:

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