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Recap: Shaking things up. Overwatch Razer Series Germany Week 7 21-11-2017

Recap: Shaking things up. Overwatch Razer Series Germany Week 7

The seventh week of the Overwatch Razer Series Germany was a rather quiet one. Unfortunately the squad from Overwatch Bootcamp disbanded last week and had no choice but to drop out of the league. This is now the fourth drop out and the last few weeks will see less games played per weekend. Nonetheless, the excitement is still building up as the trophy gets closer and closer and teams have to play flawlessly to finish the season in first place.

On Saturday there was still some incredible Overwatch to spectate, as Uludag Gaming took on Team Tranquility in a battle that defined both team’s position in the league and their ambitions for the future. Uludag was sitting around the middle part of the field with mixed results, but good showings throughout the season. Team Tranquility on the other hand is struggling to find a foothold and wasn’t able to score a point until this very series. Shocking Uludag Gaming, Team Tranquility came out of the gates with tremendous speed and aggressiveness, overwhelming their opponents right on the first map Oasis to take their first point in the Overwatch Razer Series Germany.

Recovering swiftly, Uludag Gaming responded right away and pushed back on Route 66. Securing three checkpoints left Team Tranquility little room for error and Uludag took home the map, followed by great performances and wins on both Temple of Anubis as well as Eichenwalde. In the end Uludag Gaming secures three important points and now sits firmly in the upper middle field. Team Tranquility sets themselves apart from Dynasty Dragons and achieves a mental boost before the final matchdays.

Currently in the best position is the squad of Final Gaming, still sitting at a remarkable 31-1 record, they are scheduled to face Germanys Biggest Fear, in what could be the deciding match of the Overwatch Razer Series Germany Season 1 in the evening of the 26th. GBF themselves have also only lost a single game and are 27-1 right now. Whichever team manages to score a decisive win will have the most powerful position going into the final weeks.

To catch the games live, make sure to follow Noserino on twitch and be notified when the broadcasts start. As a special treat for our German speaking Overwatch fans, this week he prepared a video in cooperation with Abstructo from plan-B eSports, talking about the new hero Moira – check it out:

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