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Recap: Celebration. Overwatch Razer Series Germany Week 10 12-12-2017

Recap: Celebration. Overwatch Razer Series Germany Week 10

After ten weeks, the first season of the Overwatch Razer Series Germany comes to an end. The teams have fought valiantly and passionately throughout the season and provided amazing entertainment forr the fans and viewers. The final week saw very little amount of play as positions were all decided beforehand and teams were left celebrating their accomplishments and the game they love in a last fun series.

In the matchup between plan-B and Germanys Biggest Fear, the stakes were low as Germanys Biggest Fear had already secured the victory in the previous week. The team of plan-B were themselves in a safe third place and comfortably ahead of Uludag Gaming. However, representing their organisation and perhaps trying to set a sign ahead of a potential second season, they showed up to play and to win.

As GBF had already been able to take home the trophy and perhaps celebrated a bit too much, their performance in the final season was not as dominant and skillful as their showings throughout the season. plan-B was able to take home the series 3-1 over a side of Germanys Biggest Fear, that were clearly having fun in a relatively meaningless game and were understandably happy and celebratory about their win in the Overwatch Razer Series Germany.

At the end, the season was not without flaws and the LIONSKY team is dedicated to improving the experience for players and fans in the future. Congratulations again to all the participants and the winning teams. Stay tuned for information about upcoming events and new seasons in Overwatch.

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