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1.1. Administration & Announcements

  • Everybody who is authorized by LIONSKY to administrate the competition based on its rules and regulations will be called an “admin” or “referee” in the following, the collectivity of all admins will be called the “administrations”. A list of the current admins can be found on the website of the competitions.
  • Any news article posted on and/or the official competition website serves as an official announcement for the competition.
  • Official announcements, as well as statements of referees at any place (e.g. competition website, Discord etc), can ignore or overrule the following rules in order to make the competition as fair as possible. In case of contradicting declarations, the most recent announcement or admin statement counts.

1.2. Commitments

  • By attending the competition participants acknowledge without limitation to comply with the rules and regulations, official announcement, and with the statements and decisions made by the referees.
  • Every participant acknowledges the right for the administration to modify the rules and regulations for adjustments at any time without notice.
  • Every participant has to show the needed respect towards referees and other participants. Insults and unfair or disrespectful behavior towards anyone are not tolerated and will be punished.
  • Every participant must always have the newest version of Overwatch and has to check for updates in time before each match. Unless a new version comes out right before the match, patching is not a valid reason to delay it.
  • Every team accepts the official schedule of the competition and declares the ability to be available during these times.
  • Every team and participant have to try to keep up the competitive integrity. Purposefully losing for any reason is strictly forbidden.

1.3. Communication

The primary communication platform is Discord. At least one member of each team has to be available as much as possible, and stay inside the official Discord as point of contact until the team gets eliminated from the competition.

Teams & Players

2.1. Team Size

A Team has to consist of at least six participants. Those persons will be called “team members” or “members” of the team in following.

Note: The administration highly recommends a lineup of at least 7 or 8 players. Unexpected issues for one single player are not a valid reason to postpone matches.

2.2. Team Captain

Every team needs a so called “captain” for the season. He can decide during and after the season which players will be added and removed from the team. He is also the person who is in contact with the admins.

2.3. Team Structure

Every team consists of 6 to 8 registered players. In every team (and during a match) there have to be at least 4 players of the country the league is played in. For the Overwatch Razer Series Germany this is the DACH region. Players that reside or origin from either Germany, Austria or Switzerland count as eligible for this majority. Every player is allowed to play only for one team during a season. If a player leaves a team he can’t play in a team until the roster lock is opened again.

2.4. Lineup Info

All teams have to provide the administration the following information upon request:

  • Full names of all members
  • BattleTags of all members
  • Nationality of all members
  • Identity (Passport, ID, Drivers license) of all members
  • Clan logo
  • Discord tag of the captain and/or manager
  • The team’s official lineup for the competition is in its team profile on

2.5. Lineup Changes

Team members can be removed anytime as long as at least six members are left. During a season you are not allowed to add new members. In extraordinary cases you can contact an admin.

2.6. Stand-ins

Stand-ins are persons used by a team as a player during a match, without being an official team member.

During the season a team is allowed to use a stand-in twice (1 stand-in in two matches or 2 stand-ins in one match). This means 2 players are allowed to play for your team even though the player is not registered in your team.

This has to be announced to the admins.

  • A stand-in may not be a member of another team or have played a game as a team member for another team within the same or a higher stage of the competition.
  • The same stand-in is allowed to play for more than 1 team in the function as a stand-in.
  • Stand-ins have to be from the region the league is played in. For example, for Germany, the region is the “DACH”-region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). All the league members will be instructed at the beginning of the league.

2.7. Players
To be eligible to play in this League the players must have an active Blizzard Account in good standing. Also, the account name is not allowed to reflect racism, be inappropriate or offensive to any group of individuals.

Schedule & Punctuality

3.1. Game times

The official schedule of the competition will be announced on and/or in the Discord. This schedule includes the time of each match which represents the start time of game 1 of the match.

If a delayed end of a previous match prohibits a match to start on schedule (due to either one of the involved teams still playing or the official broadcaster still streaming the previous match within the same tournament/league), the match time is changed to 5 minutes after the end of the previous match.

3.2. Rescheduling

If both teams agree, matches are allowed to be rescheduled within a 72 hour timeframe after the default match time. This change has to be suggested at least 24 hours before the official match time. Match times beyond this timeframe are only valid with the usage of a wildcard.

Exception: Matches from the last play day of a season may not be played after the default time.

The following rules apply in the different cases:

  • If neither team writes a comment in time, the match is to be played at the default time.
  • If one team does not write a comment in time, the time suggested by the other team becomes the match time.
  • Enforce the default time by declaring that in an additional comment at least 24h in advance. In the spirit of competition, we ask the participants to only enforce the default time this way, if they really can’t make it at other times.
  • If both teams want to play at different times (that are not the default time), they need to find a new match time till 24 hours before their default time. If they don’t succeed in doing so, an admin will decide.

Once a match time is set, it can still be changed with a mutual agreement of both teams but not moved further away than the original timeframe.

3.3. Wildcard

Every team has 2 Wildcards during a season. Wildcards can be used to reschedule your match with an opponent for up to 14 days (if a team is participating a LAN or vacation). This has to be announced at least 24h before the official game time. The new default time will be proposed by the team who has chosen to use the wildcard, till both teams find a fitting time.

Only 1 Wildcard can be used per play day.

3.4. Punctuality

If a team is not ready to start the game within 10 minutes of the starting time penalty points will be applied by the referee. The list is stated under “Penalties”.

Match Details

4.1. Maps and Sides

    • All Matches will be played in the 4 Game Set: Control, Escort, Assault, Hybrid

  • Map Pool is the following:
  • Control: Ilios, Oasis
  • Escort: Route 66, Dorado, Junkertown
  • Assault: Temple of Anubis, Horizon: Lunar Colony
  • Hybrid: Eichenwalde, Hollywood

  • The first map will be pre selected and rotated every week. The loser of each map will choose the next map in the series while the winner is allowed to choose their prefered side.
  • In case of a draw the team that selected the previous map selects the next one.
  • In case the series draws both teams are rewarded 0 Map wins.

4.2. Game Settings

Matches will be played on the “Competitive” Ruleset, with Skins and Kill Cam disabled. Sprays, Emotes, and Golden Guns are allowed.

4.3. Lobby Hosting/Pauses

  • Every game gets hosted by either one of the teams. At least one member of each team has to be present at that time to communicate with the opponents and administration.
  • If a referee is present he may choose to open the lobby himself.
  • The lobby host is responsible for pausing the game immediately after an issue to either team occurs. Each team has the right to pause the game for an acceptable duration, a maximum of 10 minutes combined, if a player announces it at least three seconds in advance and calls a coherent reason. The game must not be resumed before both teams agree with it. When the number or the duration of breaks becomes too high or long in the eyes of an admin or referee, the administration may force the continuation of the game.
  • Complete map restarts are solely at the discretion of the administration.

4.4. Spectators

Only referees, official broadcasters, LIONSKY staff members, anyone authorized by a referee, and the twelve players are allowed to be inside the game.

4.5. Broadcasting

Every authorized spectator inside the game is allowed to provide a video stream with a delay of at least three minutes.

The Broadcast schedule will be displayed on

4.6. Scoring

Every Map win will reward you one point in the ranking system. For scoring we use map wins > head to head.
In case of a 3 man tie we gonna play tiebreakers on a off day.
If you are playing on a date outside of the stream times it is the teamcaptains duty to report the map score to an Admin (Noukky or selebu)

Player Conduct

All players, managers, owners and spectators are required to act in a respectful and sportsmanlike manner. This includes:

  • Profanity and Hate Speech. A person might not use language that is in any way or form offensive to other parties and is not allowed to promote hatred or discriminatory manner.
  • Cheating. Actions that intentionally alter or attempt to alter the results of any match, including purposely losing, DDoS or account sharing are not allowed and can result in penalties to your account.
  • Subjection to Penalty. Any violation of the rules by one or more Team Members will result in a penalty. All decisions of the Administrations are final!


6.2. Penalty Points (PP)

  • if a team isn’t ready within 10 minutes after starting time of the match they will get 1 minor PP
  • Wrong player: If a team uses a player that isn’t allowed in this game the team receives 1 major PP.
  • Cheating: Cheating, using tools that are not allowed results in 10 major PP
  • Bad Manner: According to the opinion of the admin team, this can result in 1 minor up to 10 major PP.
  • Explanation of Penalty Points:
  • 1 Minor Penalty Point = -1% of the prize money a team would receive at the end of the season.
  • 3 Minor = 1 Major = -5% of the prize money
  • (Every 3 Minor PP will be converted to 1 Major PP)
  • 10 Major Penalty Points = Disqualification


For Season 1 the Prize pool will be 1200€. Distribution:
1st – 50% (600€)
2nd – 30% (400€)
3rd – 20% (200€)

Legal Process

8.1. Every decision regarding penalties will be made by a council of at least three admins or staff members. The majority decides what penalty or step has to be taken.

8.2. Legal proceedings are not permitted.

8.3. The Admins and the Staff of LIONSKY always have the right to overrule or alter the rulebook at any given time.


Last Update: 03.10.2017

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